Window garden up and running

Building my window garden was easier than I expected and I’ve got it up and running now.

So farm, my window farm has been running for a week without any plants in it. I decided to do this first so I could make sure that there  were no leaks anywhere in the system. And it looks like I am good to go.

So today I have ordered nutrients, some strawberries and an electric toothbrush as that is apparently a good way to pollinate strawberries.


I could have started out with something more simple that doesn’t need pollinating (so pretty much most vegetables) but I have a farmer’s market around the corner. So instead I figured I’d start with my wife’s favorite, strawberries.

If I can grow them successfully maybe she will get behind window gardening as well rather than just accepting it. I think it would be something nice to share between the two of us rather than having this as a new hobby just for myself.

I’ll keep you posted on how things go.


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